Libertarianz Confirms Peron Position

24 March 2005 19:28:00

For Immediate Release

In response to questions regarding bookseller Jim Peron, Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton confirms that “Mr. Peron has never been either a member or a supporter of Libertarianz.”

“He did appear at Libertarianz-sponsored events when he first arrived in New Zealand,” notes Darnton, “however I have never met him myself, and there are no formal links between him and Libertarianz.”

“Additionally,” says Darnton, “Libertarianz in New Zealand has no connection with the United States Libertarian Party and never has done.”

“I hope that helps clarify matters for those who up to now have feigned confusion on the matter,” he says.

“Just to further clarify and to make matters plain,” continues Darnton, “Libertarianz’ primary principle is that all interaction between adults should be voluntary – all acts between consenting adults should be legal. As we always stress, this does not apply to children. We strongly advocate laws that protect children from harm since they are not yet able to make decisions for themselves – this of course includes age-of-consent laws. As our proposed ‘Constitution for New Freeland’ puts it, children’s rights are ‘held in trust’, and should properly be protected by law.”

“People who do not accept these principles are not and will never be welcome in the Libertarianz Party,” continues Darnton. “Anyone who promotes sex between adults and children, or who creates, publishes or distributes material that promotes sex between adults and children is not and will never be welcome in the Party. I would hope,” he says, “that other political parties could say as much.”

Libertarianz strongly believes in the principle of free speech and insists that the cover of ‘free speech’ cannot be used to commit libel; conversely, predators may not hide their evil behind the cover of ‘free speech.’ Libertarianz believes in libel laws that protect the reputation of innocent parties and upholds the right of libelled parties to sue when their reputations are unjustly attacked, and the right of those making claims to be able to rely on a defence of absolute truth.

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