Libertarianz Deputy Loses Hair For Freedom

08 September 2005 13:09:00


Libertarianz deputy and Northland candidate, Julian Pistorius, has offered to cut his trademark long hair and shave his beard to raise funds for his election campaign. He pledged to cut his hair, if total donations reached $500, and to shave his beard when they reach $1500. This morning, the $500 threshold was reached, and he will be cutting his hair at a time and location to be announced.

When asked whether this had anything to do with the derogatory statements made by Bob Jones regarding the television opening address of the Libertarianz, specifically the description “a couple of scruffs”, Pistorius declined to confirm the rumour, but said: “Bob has a well-known irrational fear of beards, and given his own facial hair experiments in the seventies, this can probably be forgiven.”

A complimentary copy of The Free Radical magazine, edited by famous freedom-fighter and media personality, Lindsay Perigo, will be sent to everybody who donates $50 or more.

Allegedly, the first donor to the fund was Pistorius’s own girlfriend.

Pistorius has set up a page on his website to keep track of donations:

For further information please contact:

Julian Pistorius
Phone: 021 377 454, e-mail: [email protected]

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