Libertarianz Gets Set to Support Orauta School in Court

09 June 2005 11:26:00


“In an appalling display of intimidation, the government is set to take parents in the community of Orauta to court tomorrow (Friday). The ‘crime’ they are charged with is little more than teaching their own children. Libertarianz supports these Orauta parents every step of the way!” says Libertarianz Northland candidate Julian Pistorius, who has organised a courtroom protest “to raise awareness of the injustice of honest people being done over by a Nanny State.”

“These people have done nothing wrong!” says Pistorius. “When the Ministry of Education chose to close their local school, the parents were left with few options beyond teaching their own children. The actions of the parents are admirable, they are acting independently of the state and costing the taxpayer nothing at all. They are to be commended!”

“The only people acting in a criminal fashion here is the Ministry of Education—their attempts to menace the parents into stopping teaching their children are tyrannical and insane.”

Pistorius concludes, “A group of Libertarianz, both locals and party members from as far away as Hamilton, will be at Kaikohe District Court on Friday June 10 to lend support to the Orauta community. We invite anyone sympathetic to the plight of Orauta families to come along and join us.”

Libertarianz is the only party that has been vocal on this issue.

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz.”

For more information contact:
Julian Pistorius
Phone: 021 377 454
E-mail: [email protected]

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