Libertarianz Guns and Fun Day

10 July 2005 13:28:00

Event/Gun rights

To promote the rights of gun-owners and the right to defend oneself, Libertarianz candidates Julian Pistorius (Northland electorate) and Helen Hughes (Whangarei electorate) have organised an event with this theme in mind. There will be paintball, clay target shooting, rifle shooting and barbecues. It will be held on Saturday July 16 from 10am onwards, at Extreme Paintball, 20 minutes drive north of Whangarei.

Peter Cresswell, architect and property rights campaigner, will talk to interested people about issues affecting Northlanders, including “the horror that is the RMA.” Peter Linton, keen outdoorsman and shooter, will talk about self-defense and the rights of gun owners.

“Join us to celebrate liberty, free speech and individual rights, including property rights and the right to own and use firearms – while we still can!” says Helen Hughes and Julian Pistorius.

For more information see the event web page:

Alternatively, send an email to julianp@… or ring 021 377 454.

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Julian Pistorius
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