Libertarianz Party Creates Unusual Political Broadcasts

02 November 2011 13:43:13

In a move away from the usual brief adverts on main channels,  Libertarianz candidates are producing 2 hours of video footage to broadcast on Stratos TV.

The footage consists of a series of four half-hour shows starting this Thursday at 8pm on Stratos TV (Freeview channel 21 and Sky channel 89).

By creating full length programs and broadcasting on the less expensive Stratos TV, Libertarianz hope to impart more information to potential supporters of their radical ideas.

The format of the shows is:

  • Show 1 – Thurs 3 November - Welfare and Bribery
  • Show 2 – Thurs 10 November - Christchurch Earthquake Special
  • Show 3 – Thurs 17 November - The law of unintended consequences
  • Show 4 – Thurs 24 November - The Economy

The shows will also be broadcast on The Libertarianz Youtube Channel where clips from the shows can be seen now:

For more information, see or contact:

Sally O’Brien
Libertarianz Vice President
Phone 021 02947850
Email: [email protected]nz

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