Libertarianz Slam Democracy Rationing

11 April 2007 16:27:00

Libertarianz leader and former pledge card litigant Bernard Darnton today criticised Labour’s political party funding plans, calling them an attempt to ration democracy, and slammed the proposal to limit free speech during elections.

“It is obscene that Labour’s response to being caught with their hands in the till is to cook up a scheme to vote themselves even more of other people’s money,” Darnton said today. “Rather than apologise and promise not to do it again, as any decent person would, Helen Clark is attempting to shove Labour’s snout further into the trough.”

“Just because no one in their right mind would voluntarily give these people money, doesn’t give them the right to further raid the public purse.”

Darnton confirmed that Libertarianz would turn down any money offered under the scheme, and urged the leaders of other parties to do the same. “This scheme is intended to entrench Labour’s theft of the last election. Others would do well to think hard before stooping to their level.

“Worse than the plans to put political parties on welfare are Labour’s plans to limit free speech during elections,” Darnton claimed.

“The plans to curtail third party spending, with an exemption designed for the unions, combined with the attempts to shut down National’s main funding sources, and recent threats to charities who get involved in politics all look like steps down the road to a one-party state.

“Labour is simply trying to ration democracy, reserving the biggest share for itself, and Libertarianz wants nothing to do with it.”


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