Libertarianz Slam High Court Ruling on Prostitution Bylaw

29 July 2006 12:00:00

“The High Court ruling upholding the Hamilton prostitution bylaw is a travesty, an incredible injustice,” declared Tim Wikiriwhi, who is the Libertarianz Mayoral Candidate for Hamilton. “Parliament made a huge step forward in decriminalising prostitution, but actions by local government bodies make sex workers worse off than before the reform.”

“Mayor Mike Redman’s claims of minimising social harms on children are nothing more than emotive ploys to hide his bigotry and discrimination,” Wikiriwhi said. “Forcing a brothel to move 150 meters for ‘social wellbeing’ is absurd. Unbelievably, Mr Redman tries to justify his position by calling it Christian based. It is a violation of human rights to impose the religion of one group upon another. New Zealand is a secular country, and yet here the Hamilton City Council is threatening to become a moral tyrant. This is persecution worthy of the Taleban, not of a free and civil society!”

“The anti-prostitution bylaws were made during the Hamilton elections, and became a political football. The corrupt nature of this system of so-called democracy is apparent.” Mr Wikiriwhi commended various Hamilton councillors who had the integrity to oppose the bylaw even though they knew it would cost them votes in the local body elections.

Mr Wikiriwhi dismissed Labour MP Dianne Yates, calling her support of the bylaw hypocritical. “Diane Yates claims to be a feminist, yet is eager to help the council violate the rights of Julie and her girls.”

Mr Wikiriwhi concluded by noting that other High Court rulings have overturned brothel bylaws around the country. “This decision is a perversion of justice.”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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