Libertarianz Slam Telecommunications Bill

13 September 2006 12:00:00

This evening the leader of the Libertarianz Party, Bernard Darnton, and two other fighters for freedom will present the Libertarianz’ submission on the Telecommunications Amendment Bill.

Libertarianz oppose not only this bill, but the Act it is amending. Darnton explained, “Since the Telecommunications Bill was passed in 2001, New Zealand has slipped from 16th in OECD broadband penetration, to 22nd. Five years of regulation has seen New Zealand going backwards, and what is the government’s solution? More regulation!”

The Libertarianz submission details several deficiencies in the bill, but one particularly worrying proposal is that the Commerce Commission be granted complete immunity in relation to any disclosure of confidential information – no matter how malicious or reckless that disclosure. Darnton said “This clause seeks to create a precedent of public officials being placed beyond the reach of the law. This is very disturbing given recent developments in the election spending scandals.”

Darnton continued, “It is also disturbing that there is no opportunity for the decisions of the Commerce Commission to be appealed to a higher authority, as with court decisions and similar regulatory bodies in other countries. Why does New Zealand’s Commerce Commission need to be set above the law?”

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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