Libertarianz Slams Government-Funded Sex Changes

04 April 2005 11:24:00


Hard on the heels of a new petrol tax comes news that $170,000 of taxpayers’ money is to be spent on four lucky transgender patients – that’s around $42,500 each. “This Government has once again treated taxpayers with contempt,” says Libertarianz Hamilton East candidate Robin Thomsen, who is furious about “the latest politically correct folly from this Nanny Government.”

While Mr Thomsen acknowledges that a small minority of people feel they are trapped in the body of the wrong gender, “what we are seeing here is the Labour Party cynically bribing the transgender community – a bribe bought with the money extracted from vastly over-taxed New Zealanders.”

“Those seeking transgender operations have my sympathy and well wishes – ‘to thine own self be true’ as Shakespeare wrote – but that money appropriated from New Zealanders is theft, and should be treated as such. It is now patently obvious that the Labour Party does not stand for responsible governance. That money, along with countless other examples of misuse of taxes, is being robbed from the pockets of hardworking New Zealanders who are in most cases struggling to make ends meet.”

Thomsen concludes: “Libertarianz would remove the state from the health system, and put an immediate end to vote-buying and to taxpayer funding of politically correct agendas. Once people’s own money is left in their pockets, we will all be more capable of maintaining and affording our own healthcare needs, whatever our sexual preference may be.”

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