Libertarianz Take Budget Action

18 May 2005 15:18:00


Tonight Libertarianz will begin an organised poster campaign pointing to the banditry of this Labour government and the size of the tax take: a massive $60 billion. The poster can be downloaded from, and readers are invited to visit and download and distribute.

In addition, a number of Libertarianz travelling from as far afield as Auckland will be gathering to Wellington to put on a performance/demonstration outside parliament from high-noon on. We’ll have scenes of certain well-known politicians mugging innocent people for their money.

“Tax is theft!” say the activists. Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate and co-organiser of the event Robin Thomsen is heading down himself for the event. “Come and join us!” he says.

“New Zealanders deserve better than having their wallets pillaged by greedy socialist politicians,” says Thomsen, “and having seen the record size of the surplus and the frittering away of tax dollars on such politically correct agendas as hip-hop tours, state-funded sex change operations and Rongo Wetere’s family, most intelligent New Zealanders will agree that the current political system is unfair and the major political parties in New Zealand are incapable of responsible governance.”

“Governments have never had the ability to make people richer,” he concludes, “only the ability to make people poorer.”

It’s Enough to Make You Vote LIbertarianz!

For more information contact:
Robin Thomsen
Phone: (07) 847 2074 or (021) 258 1569
Email: [email protected]

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