Libertarianz Take On The Mob

16 September 2003 08:48:25


Opposing the Luddite mob outside Parliament – a mob who were bewailing the long-overdue lifting of the GE Moratorium – was a group of freedom fighters including Libertarianz spokesman Stephen Berry. “We came here today,” said Berry, “to demonstrate that decisions on the use of GE are for individuals to make, not the anti-technology mob.”

Anti-GE’ers point to poll figures showing 68% of New Zealanders do not want the moratorium lifted. “So what!” counters Berry: “The desires of a mob cannot be used to stifle individual’s right to choose for themselves.” It should go without saying, he says nonetheless, that individuals also have a responsibility to ensure their choices do not result in the initiation of force against another.
There is only one poll that matters with GE, says Berry: ”the poll that takes place every day on the supermarket shelves. That ‘daily poll’ shows that far more than 68% of New Zealanders don’t care a jot whether their food is GE or not – and nor should they. They just want good, cheap and tasty food – something the Luddites are trying to stop”
“Quite simply,” concludes Berry, ”if you are opposed to the use of GE, then do not use it! If you do not wish to consume GE products, don’t buy them! However, no person should think they have the right to deprive others of choice based on little more than the size of the mob they have supporting them.”


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