Libertarianz urge MPs to legalise prostitution

03 March 2003 04:43:06

Libertarianz urge MPs to legalise prostitution

“YOU own your body and your life” was the refrain from Libertarianz Leader Russell Watkins today as he called upon MPs in Parliament today to reject the moralistic posturing of self-proclaimed nannies, and vote to liberalise laws on consenting adults receiving money for sex.

“It is arrogant in the extreme for one set of adults to tell other adults what they may or may not do with their own bodies, and on what terms.” Watkins points out that although many people find the idea that some adults pay others for sexual gratification to be distasteful or contrary to their own religious beliefs, that does not give those people the right in a modern liberal society to criminalise those who do not share those beliefs.

“In addition to the sheer moral force of the argument that adults own their bodies and have the right to decide what they do with their bodies with other consenting adults, criminalisation clearly does not work,” says Watkins. ”The fact is that criminalisation does not stop prostitution. What criminalisation does is drive prostitution underground, preventing both clients and providers of sexual services from enjoying the protection of the law.”
“Libertarianz objects to some parts of the Bill that criminalise prostitution for those aged between 16 and 18 (and other provisions that unnecessarily regulate the industry) but in principle the party supports the Prostitution Reform Bill – and calls upon all MPs, particularly those who claim to support individual freedom and choice to stand up, and make a historic stand for adults owning their bodies” concluded Watkins.

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