Liberty Links

Over two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson observed that “the natural order of things is for government to gain ground and liberty to yield.”

History would seem to bear him out. The beacon of liberty has blazed but briefly through the centuries, invariably to succumb to the dark forces of tyranny.

Follow these links to those carrying the torch of freedom in New Zealand and around the world.

Not PC
Did you know that Peter Cresswell has a blog? Libertarian commentary and discussion, updated daily.

Economics in One Lesson
The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is proud to offer an online edition of Henry Hazlitt’s classic work.

Who’s Your Nanny?
The Fair Air Association of Canada (FAAC) have put together an advertisement protesting Ontario’s nanny Government. “No matter where you stand on the no-smoking issue…this video spoof demonstrates how Dalton McGuinty is creating a nanny state in Ontario.”
Compare the policies of all the main New Zealand political parties – in detail, and in a concise, straightforward summary.