Libz Accept Turei’s Challenge: "No Maori Seats!"

09 August 2005 09:43:00

Maori Affairs

Green Party MP Metiria Turei has challenged other parties to state their commitment to keeping the Maori seats in Parliament. Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate Robin Thomsen has responded enthusiastically, confirming “Libertarianz is not just fully and unequivocally committed to ditching the separatist Maori seats as soon as possible, it is absolutely committed to ending all racial bias in legislation, and to abolishing the Treaty of Waitangi in favour of a constitution that protects individual rights.”

Thomsen explains: “Libertarianz advocates people being judged not by the colour of their skin, but by their character. The Maori seats in Parliament are an unwelcome relic of a patronising past offering a gerrymandered ticket to parliament for the apartheid-mongers of today. The Maori seats, race-based bias in legislation and the Treaty of Waitangi should all be consigned to the archive of interesting historical anomalies, thereby releasing the long-suffering taxpayer from supporting the separatist gravy-train.”

Thomsen admits he is a little bemused that Turei herself supports the retention of the Maori seats. “Turei claims to be involved with the anarchist movement (according to her biography at, yet she constantly supports the state’s meddling in the private affairs of Kiwis. Although I’m not an anarchist myself, I understand that anarchism involves removing the state altogether. Turei must be a very confused person, contrasting her anarchist beliefs with her authoritarian agenda.”

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