Libz Advice to Finance Minister

24 February 2005 02:05:00


Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton today welcomed Dr Michael Cullen’s call for New Zealand to become a nation of shareholders. "Dr Cullen has correctly identified that high levels of home ownership and shareholding are both economically and socially beneficial," Darnton said today.

Darnton went on to suggest ways these goals could be achieved. "A perfect start to this strategy would be tax cuts to give people more money to invest – to be perfectly specific, their own money. The Government could then begin a program to privatise state-owned assets that was targeted at ‘mum and dad’ shareholders. This would give a whole new group of people a real stake in the success of important New Zealand companies."

Darnton went on to admit that he didn’t hold out much hope that Dr Cullen would take his advice. "Cullen talks about an ownership society, but it seems that we’re only allowed to own as much as our masters in the Beehive graciously let us keep after raiding our paypackets. The rest is flushed down the filthy sinkhole of overbearing government."

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