Libz Ambivalent on Nude Jogging High Court Ruling

02 December 2012 12:43:45

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath welcomes the High Court decision vindicating nude jogger Andrew Pointon.

“Andrew has hailed this as a victory for libertarians, and I agree. This opens the door for increased freedom of speech and expression, as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.”

However McGrath believes the mainstream media, and possibly Justice Paul Heath, have omitted to mention a crucial factor in the decision over the legality of nude jogging.

“No mention was made in the mainstream media of context: on precisely whose property the nude jogging may or may not occur. Whoever owns the property makes the rules, end of story.”

“When property is privately owned, those using it need to adhere to the wishes of the owner.”

“The issue becomes less clear when the state owns a forest or other land where people can roam. In that case, individual freedom of expression should apply and nudity should be permitted. The litmus test is whether this causes objective harm to others, with whom the burden of proof should lie in any claim for damages.”

“Anyone who may be offended as Mr Pointon swings by should simply avert their eyes.”

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