Libz Announce ‘Flag of Convenience’ for Free Speech

19 December 2007 15:50:00


Free Speech

Libz Announce ‘Flag of Convenience’ for Free Speech

Libertarianz today announced that they were happy to act as a ‘flag of convenience’ for third parties wanting to spend more than the cap allowed by the Electoral Finance Act.

As a registered political party, Libertarianz has a spending cap of $2.4 million dollars, twenty times what is allowed to third parties under Labour’s draconian new free speech rationing rules.

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton announced the new policy today: “Libertarianz is happy to authorize election advertisements for the third parties that Labour has tried to crack down on. We’ve never spent anything like $2 million dollars on an election campaign, so we’ve got plenty of room to spare.

“Free speech is far too important to let the Clark regime and its cronies flush it away. We will fight this law all the way to the election and we’d like to help groups that might otherwise be excluded from the election to do the same.”

Darnton invited all third parties who wanted to include their spending under the Libertarianz cap to contact him to discuss the details.


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