Libz Appalled By Death Of Stephen McIntyre

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath expressed shock at the death last weekend of Stephen McIntyre, former president of NORML and longtime campaigner for the right of adults to self-medicate, and lays much of the blame with the NZ Police and with Peter Dunne.

“New Zealand has lost a peaceful and gentle man who advocated quietly for the sort of reforms that have halved the number of drug users in Portugal over the last decade,” said Dr McGrath, who works at two alcohol and drug clinics in the lower North Island.

“Decriminalisation of cannabis is a logical move that would transform drug use from being a legal transgression to being a health issue. Libertarianz is one of the few political parties that argues openly and honestly for drug decriminalisation, because it recognises that adults have a right to make choices – coupled with the responsibility for the results of those choices.”

“Stephen McIntyre took his life rather than facing a prison term which was a very real possibility under the current authoritarian anti-pleasure laws, following a raid on the Auckland branch of Green Cross, an organisation which supports the use of cannabis for people suffering distressing symptoms such as nausea and pain.”

“Peter Dunne, who has consistently blocked attempts to research the possible medical benefits of marijuana, and encouraged the prosecution of cannabis users, will undoubtedly be delighted to read of Stephen McIntyre’s suicide. Dunne opposes individuals having dominion over their own bodies, and believes the state should own every New Zealander lock, stock and barrel.”

“Our police force deserves scorn for enforcing the anti-pleasure laws as promoted by zealots such as Peter Dunne, for terrorising peaceful New Zealanders and helping turn them into criminals. Their time would be better spent prosecuting real crimes – murder, rape, assault, fraud and other acts of aggression where there is a victim.”

Dr McGrath recommends readers watch an interview via YouTube between broadcaster Lindsay Perigo and Stephen McIntyre, conducted last year, before making their minds up on the issue of cannabis and its use in medical treatment such as palliative care:

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