Libz Applaud Proposed ACC Excess Surcharge

23 October 2009 11:42:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath said his party would back the introduction of an excess of $100 payable by ACC claimants for the treatment of their injuries, as long as premium holders were refunded accordingly.

“Of course, purchasing this insurance should be a matter of voluntary choice, so we also support the introduction of competition in the accident insurance market.”

Dr McGrath said the Commerce Commission should be busting ACC, and possibly jailing its executives for their anti-competitive behaviour, saying: “The same rules imposed on the private sector should be applied to ACC forthwith.”

He said suggestions that ACC fraud investigators be given wider surveillance powers are inappropriate.

“I don’t support any move that allows invasion of personal privacy by bureaucrats. The changes being mooted for ACC are suitable for a private company, not a government monopoly. Let’s privatize the accident insurance market, after which the different companies will make the necessary changes to attract customers.”

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Libertarianz Leader
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