Libz Back Benson’s Beach Bordello

31 January 2006 12:04:00

Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Dr Richard McGrath says he can understand why his medical colleague, former Cooper’s Beach GP Neil Benson, has chosen to set up a brothel in what used to be his medical rooms.

“Doctors have had a gutsful of socialised medicine and many, like Neil
Benson, are voting with their feet,” said Dr McGrath. “The average age of
general practitioners is increasing, there are virtually no GP-obstetricians
remaining, and some areas of the country have no local GP at all.”

“Unfortunately I think Dr Benson will find running a brothel involves
battling government rules, regulations and red tape in the same way that
doctors are tormented by the Medical Council and other bureaucrats,” he
added. “Despite this, I wish Dr Benson every success in his new venture.”

Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]
0273 222 907

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