Libz Back Civil Disobedience Plans By Motorcyclists

24 October 2009 11:42:00

“The Libertarianz Party backs motorcycle owners in their efforts to free themselves from the outrageous planned rises in ACC levies,” said leader Richard McGrath.

He said his party will be contacting leaders of motorcycle clubs and offering support and encouragement in any planned marches or rides.

“Motorcycle riders and their families should have the right to sue when they suffer injury or death through the actions of car drivers,” said Dr McGrath.

“They should also have a choice of different accident insurers competing in an open market,” he added.

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party advocates the disembowelment of ACC once the market has been opened up and other insurers are operating, so that existing claimants can have their levies refunded, and arrangements made to transfer their claims to the private sector.

He said that under a Libertarianz government those with long term injuries would have income protection and treatment costs funded through the sale of state assets, such as the Beehive and other government buildings located on prime land in the Wellington CBD, but all new claims after a certain date would be handled via a competitive and open insurance market.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Leader
Phone: 027 322 2907
Email: [email protected]

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