Libz Back Gun-toting Pensioner

19 March 2009 10:50:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today pledged his party’s support for Wanganui man Terry Taylor, who was harassed by the local police for standing up to vandals who were damaging a sign he had placed outside his home.

“New Zealanders should be allowed to exercise their natural right to use appropriate force in defence of their lives and property,” said Dr McGrath. “Mr Taylor pointed an air rifle at one of the vandals who were trespassing on his property and was advancing toward him. By some hideous twisted logic, Mr Taylor then ended up being told he could be shot by the police.”

“What about the vandals?” asked Dr McGrath. “Have the police arrested them yet? Or are the poor darlings receiving ACC-funded counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder because someone had the courage to stand up to them?”

“The Libertarianz Party fully endorses a government funded police force,” he added. “They are all too often the thin blue line between civilization and the increasing number of barbarians that terrorise innocent New Zealanders.”

He said his party, if elected, would push for an increase in police numbers, and would also ensure that New Zealanders who use reasonable force in self-defence would not be subject to punitive police action.

“Mr Taylor did nothing wrong, and his air rifle should be returned to him forthwith,” Dr McGrath said. “The police would be better off spending their time hunting down the offenders who started this whole episode.”

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