Libz Back Senior Doctors Industrial Action

01 November 2007 16:50:00

The Libertarianz Party encouraged senior doctors to proceed with industrial action in support of claims for better pay and work conditions. Spokesman Dr Richard McGrath said his party will join the Council of Trade Unions in backing doctors all the way, even if this means strike action.

“Doctors, and any other workers, have the right to freely organize into unions for the purpose of negotiating improvements in working conditions and remuneration,” he said.

“Public hospitals are chronically underfunded, and administered, by bureaucrats who in the main have never run a business,” added Dr McGrath. “There is no surcharge to the user on the care these hospitals provide. Yet they are expected to cope with an almost limitless demand on their services. Little wonder that medical, nursing and administration staff are burning out through overwork and resigning in droves. These people are sacrificial lambs to the utopian dream of socialized medical care.”

“My party believes the crumbling public hospital chain should be privately-owned and run on a user-pays basis. Any subsidies for healthcare should come from charities, friendly societies or insurance companies.”

“Our new health minister with his training in economics should understand that central planning just doesn’t work and that the free market is the most efficient way of determining the price of goods and services. As a ‘socialist who can count’, I hope David Cunliffe is counting the number of doctors emigrating to better paying jobs abroad.”


For more information contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Spokesman
MB ChB DipObst PGCertTravMed
Phone 027 322 2907
Email: [email protected]

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