Libz call for all Kiwi’s to attend Treaty road show

11 January 2006 14:47:00

Treaty of Waitangi

“All Kiwis should beat a path to the Government’s announced nationwide Treaty of Waitangi road show,” says Libertarianz Leader, Bernard Darnton.

Darnton is encouraging New Zealanders to view copies of the Treaty because, he says optimistically, “this may be your last chance! Next time it’s on display,” says Darnton, “it will hopefully have been confined to a museum, and regarded as a long-dead piece of our history.”

Explains Darnton, “This Document has caused more racial division, and been used to promote special treatment, handouts and racial fawning for too long. The sooner it ends up in a rubbish bin or pinned to a museum wall, the better. A written constitution without reference to race is the only just way on which to found a government and a country, not this aged and pointless treaty. It has long since passed it ‘throw away’ date.”

Darnton concludes with the helpful suggestion that people compare what a real founding document looks like with the aged treaty.

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