Libz Call For ETS Reassessment

24 November 2009 12:42:00

“The recently leaked emails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University demonstrate how much of a political football global warming research has become. Even the left-leaning New York Times has admitted that scientists supporting the global warming hypothesis conspired to overstate the case for human influence on climate change.”

Libertarianz asserts that the most efficient way to adapt to any climate change – be it human or natural – is with freedom, reason and free market investment, not suicidally unachievable government controls and taxes.”

“The Libertarianz Party calls on Nick Smith to declare a moratorium on carbon taxes of all descriptions. Whatever effect humans have on climate variation, governments have no right to arbitrarily lower the living standards of their citizens.”

For more information, please contact:

Dr Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Leader
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Libertarianz: More Freedom, Less Government