Libz cheers death of Togolese thug

09 February 2005 03:36:00


"Another thug bites the dust" cheered Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today, on the news of the death of Togolese dictator, Gnassingbe Eyadema.

Under Eyadema’s rule the Togolese security forces have been responsible for extrajudicial executions and arbitrary detentions followed by torture or ill-treatment. Eyadema himself built an authoritarian personality cult, complete with large statues and advisors from North Korea.

Amnesty International reports "Togolese civil society is at the mercy of military whim; citizens live in a climate of terror because of the ever-present armed forces and their frequent interventions in the public life of the country."

"His son succeeding him offers just one more parallel with North Korea," says Darnton, "and it is about time that the New Zealand government and the international community ostracised this criminal regime."

"Libertarianz opposes state aid to governments and opposes diplomatic relations of any kind with governments that murder and torture their citizens, and who trample on their free speech."

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