Libz Decry Latest State Expansion Under National Socialists

14 October 2010 09:42:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath attacked cabinet minister Nick Smith for “further enlarging the power of the state at the expense of individual freedom.”

“A discussion document released on Tuesday night by Minister Smith and Auckland Mayor Brown suggests making it easier for central planners to bypass the same laws that shackle private New Zealanders from making improvements to their own land,” said Dr McGrath.

“This is consistent with the National Socialist government’s policy of continuing the growth of government that ran unchecked under Helen Clark’s Labour Socialist administration,” he said.

“The Libertarianz Party want to know why the National Socialist Party website still fraudulently claims limited government as one of their values,” he added.

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party favours limited government and would abolish restrictive and invasive laws such as the Resource Management Act, Public Works Act, and any other act of Parliament that prevented people from productively and peacefully using their own property.

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