Libz Disgusted At CERA’s Attempted Land Grab

30 August 2012 14:46:36

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said he was dismayed to read of CERA chief executioner Roger Sutton’s declaration of war against Christchurch land owners.

“The totalitarian theft of property known as eminent domain is about to be writ large in Canterbury. After all, time’s a-wasting: Gerry Brownlee’s precarious health means he can’t wait all day for these stubborn Cantabrians to be flushed out – the ghetto cleared, as it were – so that work can begin on his memorial project. His loyal bully, Sutton, thinks he has begun the clearing out process by intimidating property owners, but he will find he has picked a fight with the wrong crowd.”

Dr McGrath had a warning for Bob Parker. “If the Mayor of Christchurch doesn’t go in to bat for these ratepayers, whose only ‘crime’ is to want to retain control over their legally-owned land, he will find himself the target of a concerted campaign to unseat him next year.”

The Libertarianz Party are holding a conference in Auckland on October 6, with prime emphasis on forming a political alliance to contest the local body elections in 2013. It will feature speakers from a variety of political backgrounds and viewpoints, with a common interest in embracing personal responsibility and restoring individual freedom by reducing the size of government.

“We want to toss out power-crazed empire-building local body politicians and reduce council spending, so that debt can be paid off and rates slashed to the bare minimum necessary.”

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