Libz Float Capital Gain Donation Option

23 January 2012 12:29:12

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath wants Revenue Minister Peter Dunne to add an extra section to the IRD’s tax return forms, so that people like Gareth and Sam Morgan can put their money where their mouths are.

“For years we have heard individuals such as the Morgans complain about the lack of a capital gains tax. Perhaps the IRD could make provision on their tax return forms for voluntary payment of a percentage of profits made by buying and selling anything, so that those who wish to can pay the government a greater proportion of their income.”

“The option of donating more to the government should be available to everyone who advocates such a measure,” said Dr McGrath. “And if people are able to contribute more in this way, they should be able to specify which government department receives this extra funding.”

“In the meantime, might I suggest Gareth and Sam Morgan – who both believe profit warrants punishment – each forward $100 million, to be used to help pay off public debt, to Peter Dunne as a measure of their integrity.”

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