Libz Gag After Goff Gaffe

14 November 2008 08:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath says Phil Goff’s first week as Labour leader has been sullied by comments that “appear to endorse the suppression of free speech.”

Commenting on Mr Goff’s statement that “the intent behind [the Electoral Finance Act] was right,” Dr McGrath said the intent behind the Act was to squash all opposition to Helen Clark.

“The EFA was a sham that left financial backers and agents of dissenting political parties open to intimidation and invasion of privacy,” McGrath added.

“My party applauds National’s stated policy of repealing this vicious, vindictive piece of legislation,” said Dr McGrath. “We will be watching and waiting, counting down the days until it is expunged from the statute books.”

“Abolition of the EFA will restore the freedom for New Zealanders to offer support to whatever political party they wish, to whatever degree they want, without fear of reprisals from their government.”

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Libertarianz Leader
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