Libz Leader Enters Wairarapa Race

17 May 2011 15:33:53

Masterton doctor and Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath has again put his name forward as a candidate for the Wairarapa electorate seat, currently held by National MP John Hayes.

Dr McGrath is a GP at Masterton Medical, one of the largest group medical practices in the country. He also works as a medical officer for the New Zealand Police and the Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Union, and at two alcohol and drug clinics in Masterton and Wanganui.

“My party believes in a free market economy, which New Zealand has never had. We believe in cutting taxes from the bottom up, so that people can spend their own money rather than the government doing it for them.”

“There is this myth that Kiwis are too dumb to look after their own superannuation, health insurance, education and other important aspects of their lives. We are constantly told that only the government has the resources to do this.”

“This attitude is old-fashioned and is destroying our country. The size and scope of government needs to shrink. New Zealanders should be allowed to retain the fruits of their labour to spend on improving living standards for their own families. Money should not be taken from them and spent on extravagances such as rugby tournaments, party houses for yachtsmen, and paying able-bodied people not to work.”

“I am worried about the direction the current government is taking us. Three years after taking over from Helen Clark, John Key is still borrowing $300 million dollars a week. He hasn’t cut spending in any meaningful way. Bill English admits he is out of ideas.”

“Like the Labour Party before it, this government has no qualms about thrusting enormous and unmanageable debt on our children and grandchildren. Eventually, this country will end up defaulting on its debt. Don Brash is right to be concerned about the future of our economy.”

“It’s the new boss, same as the old boss. Political correctness still runs rampant. The state still has its finger in every pie. Nothing has changed.”

“I am standing to give the people of Wairarapa the option of voting for something radical – an MP who will push for a low-tax economy which rewards hard work and fosters independence, a transition toward a private welfare system where the truly needy are targeted and looked after, but where those who can work are kicked off benefits and sprung out of the welfare trap.”

“The education and health industries are stuck in a one-size-fits all mode, and need to be freed up. New Zealanders deserve more choices than they are currently getting. Only the Libertarianz Party is interested in giving people back the freedom to choose – and letting them use their own money to pursue their dreams.”

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Libertarianz Leader
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