Libz – Leave Phones Alone

10 June 2005 14:38:00


In response to calls to regulate phone company charges Libertarianz Tauranga Candidate Russell Watkins said today, “When calling a mobile phone I realise there is going to be a cost, if I didn’t want to accept this cost I wouldn’t make the call. No one is holding a gun to my head, the choice is mine, end of story! On the other hand I don’t have a choice in handing over my money in taxes and for it to be given as large salaries to busy-body shopping-policeman like Douglas Webb and his Commerce Commission.”

Mr Watkins also suggests, “The only thing that needs to be regulated is the government, the only price that needs fixing and reducing is government spending, the best savings for the consumer will come when the government abolishes outfits like the interfering Communist Commission—and many more government departments besides.

“The cost to us all when the government totally controlled telecommunications was enormous; the very last thing we should do is take their advice and have them interfere again,” concluded Mr Watkins.

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Russell Watkins
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