Libz Lifts The Lid On Labour Lard-arses

21 November 2007 16:50:00

Libertarianz Health Spokesman Richard McGrath today pointed out the
hypocrisy of the Clark administration blocking the entry of British
woman Rowan Trezise on the grounds of obesity, when so many of its MPs
are heavyweights themselves.

“Labour Party luminaries have long gorged themselves not only at the
public trough, but in their private dining rooms, with frightening
results. For Helen Clark’s edification, let me give some examples of
some of her MPs, past and present, who literally cast very big

“Shall we start with former leader David ‘I can smell the fish and
chips on your breath’ Lange, who ate his way to diabetes, a stomach
bypass operation and, sadly, an early death, following the tradition
of one of his predecessors, Norman Kirk.”

“We could then move on to ‘Minister of Wine and Cheese’ Jonathan Hunt.
Too many taxi rides made Jonathan into the Billy Bunter of New Zealand
politics. We now have a Wiremu Bunter in the debating chamber in the
form of Parekura Horomia.”

“Moving right along, Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton needs to
progress past the cakes and biscuits without eating any. David
Benson-Pope will become a slimmer version of his current self if he
serves tennis balls across a net rather than as a meal to his
students. Charles Chauvel, Clayton Cosgrove, Dave Hereora, Nanaia
Mahuta and Marian Hobbs are in no danger of wasting away, though they
are arguably a waste of taxpayer money.”

“Perhaps Trevor Mallard could organize sparring sessions for his
colleagues, although a gym is probably a more appropriate venue for
this than a parliamentary corridor.”

“Fortunately for the Greens, very few – if any – of their MPs will
find themselves in need of Trevor Mallard’s help, as it’s very hard
to get fat on a diet of mung beans and lentils.”

Dr McGrath reminds readers that the entire Labour-led government have
an eating disorder – they are insatiable and voracious feeders from
the public trough.”

“The Libertarianz Party advocates making that trough very small
indeed. We believe MPs should not be paid, so that the job is by
necessity a part time one. Politicians need to get off their ample
bottoms and find productive work like the rest of us.”


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