Libz Marvel At Key’s Digestive Gymnastics

28 July 2008 15:50:00

Libertarianz Welfare Spokesman Peter Osborne said today Labour’s legacy of big government, welfare dependency and the sacrifice of the productive to the unproductive will be safe in John Key’s hands when Helen Clark’s reign of terror comes to an end in November.

“My party can only stand in awe of John Key’s latest effort in swallowing a dead ferret,” he said. “For National to sanction the Working For Families bribe – cooked up by Helen Clark before the last election to get middle class voters hooked on welfare – runs totally contrary to its stated values of personal responsibility, limited government and strong families.”

“It is now obvious to everyone except John Key and his advisers that National are a spent force with no original ideas. They are too scared to tell the public what Working For Families really is a cancer on the middle class that undermines personal responsibility, that increases the intrusion of government into our lives and rips families apart.”

“The Libertarianz Party would devolve welfare back to families and private charities after a transitional period where state assets such as Michael Cullen’s train set would be sold off to ensure that the severely disabled and superannuitants are looked after.”

“The current bloated welfare system is paid for by the forcible taxation of money from New Zealanders. Libertarianz calls this sort of fund-raising by its proper name: theft. New Zealanders do not need to be forced to look after the unfortunate.”

“How much more socialism can John Key swallow?” Osborne asks. “It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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