27 April 2003 09:27:46

This is not a protest march, this is a celebration. On this day, all around the world in 81 cities and 32 countries there is a special promotional celebration going on which is called the Walk For Capitalism. In Auckland we are playing our part also.

We celebrate capitalism because it is the only social system which puts the sources of true happiness within our reach.

Capitalism nurtures those sources so that we can reach, aspire and pursue them all, because it protects our freedom.

Capitalism is based on individual rights that we love. We love life, we love liberty, we love private property and here honor what capitalism we have in this country, that is, what rights we have to these things here in New Zealand.

Today we do not mourn the friends, the prosperity, the world of freedom deprived of us. Today we are thankful for our people and achivements which exist and have survived by the grace of what capitalism provides. We thank capitalism for the clothing, the food, the telephone, the computer, the medicine, the transportation, the electric light, the automobile, the music, the homes, the stories, the news, the art, the knowledge, the future it has permitted to exist within our reach that we may create, earn and enjoy these things and more.

Please give a moment’s reflection for the grace of capitalism.

And please consider joining us as we spend the other 364 days of the year learning its nature and striving to instate it in New Zealand.

“For economists to advocate capitalism is no more remarkable than for medical doctors to advocate health” – George Reisman

Rick Giles, Libertarianz Party

[email protected]