Libz oppose Cultural Commissars

19 April 2005 16:25:00

2005 Election

“The $5.4 million package doled out by Cultural Commissars to subsidise the dreams of musicians is simple theft,” announced Libertarianz Leader and Wellington Central candidate Bernard Darnton today.

“If musicians can’t raise money from sponsors, supporters and purchasers of their music, they shouldn’t expect the state to strongarm it out of tax-victims to prop up their chosen lifestyle. Carpet cleaners, dairy owners and software producers don’t expect tax-victim loot to fund their business dreams,” says Darnton. “Musicians shouldn’t either.”

“With your vote,” concludes Darnton, “Libertarianz would abolish the NZ Music Industry Commission and NZ On Air and give all of the money those Cultural Commissars dish out back to tax-victims. Musicians and other artists must stand or fall on their own popularity.”

Bernard Darnton
m: 021 324 466; p: +64 4 473 2639; f: +64 4 499 6042

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