Libz oppose petrol tax increase

28 February 2005 22:27:00


"It is an outrageous additional imposition by the Labour, Green and United Future parties to hike petrol tax by 5.6 cents a litre when Dr Cullen is already confiscating billions of dollars from New Zealand’s taxvictims," announced Libertarianz Leader – and his party’s candidate for Wellington Central – Bernard Darnton.

"If the government wants more money for roads," says Darnton, "then in the first instance it should take it from the 18 cents a litre of petrol tax already confiscated from motorists for that purpose. In fact, Dr Cullen’s surplus means any extra money can come from existing petrol tax and the remaining unnecessary petrol tax can be abolished."

"Ultimately, Libertarianz would remove the roads from government ownership altogether, meaning petrol tax can be abolished once and for all!" Darnton concluded.

Bernard Darnton
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