Libz Outraged by Casino Raid

01 June 2004 15:03:00


“An outrageous interference in the private affairs of adults” is how Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today described the raiding of an ‘illegal gambling den’ by the Department of Internal Affairs in Wellington on Friday.

“If consenting adults want to get together and play games with wagers, it is not for busy-body bureaucrats to take their money and stop them having fun – it is a direct infringement on the civil liberties of those involved,” declared Darnton.

“It is particularly insidious for the gamblers to be smeared as being part of ‘Asian crime syndicates,’ particularly given the recent errant comments by Judge Stephen Erber in regard to Christchurch Casino. In any case,” said Darnton, “it is irrelevant where the gamblers are from, and patently stupid not to recognise that the gamblers were not harming anyone else,” declared Darnton. “The whole case is a nonsense.”

“Libertarianz would abolish all laws and regulationscovering gambling, letting people take cheating gamblers to court for fraud, but allowing peaceful people to pursue their own pleasure without Nanny State arresting them and confiscating their assets” he concluded.

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Bernard Darnton
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