Libz: Owners Should Make The Rules

16 January 2009 08:50:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath has come out swinging for the Invercargill café owner who excluded two Israeli tourists from his shop.

“Mr Tekinkaya is quite within his rights to bar anyone from his premises, for whatever reason,” said Dr McGrath. “That’s one of the benefits of owning something: you get to decide who else uses it.”

“If someone wants to exclude people of a certain nationality, race or belief from their property, that is their call,” he added. “Mr Tekinkaya’s actions may be irrational, they may hurt his business, and someone somewhere might be offended, but that doesn’t matter – because he owns the business, he gets to call the shots. End of story.”

“Meanwhile Joris de Bres, the Human Rights Commissar, with his background of Marxist-Leninist activism, must be tying himself in knots having to defend the bogus rights of the two Israelis.”

The Libertarianz Party believes the Human Rights Commissariat should be abolished, and all forms of private discrimination legalised, reflecting freedom of speech and expression. “The government, however, should be colour blind in all matters, and so all race-based laws should be wiped from the books.”

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