Libz Party Spurns GP College’s Statism

20 March 2006 13:11:00

Health Deregulation

Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman and Masterton doctor Richard McGrath says if GPs want to improve their lot they should be demanding less government control, not begging for more of it.

Rejecting calls from the Royal College of GPs for greater demands on the taxpayer to fund training of doctors, Dr McGrath suggested doctors should be cut loose from the taxpayer and from the army of bureaucrats in the Health Ministry.

“General practitioners should be given the freedom to operate their businesses as they wish. Many doctors are burning out under the combined weight of patient expectation and the growing burden of paperwork, both of which are a consequence of the general belief in a universal right to unlimited health care,” said Dr McGrath.

“The College of GPs have a misplaced belief in the efficacy of taxpayer-subsidised health care. The Libertarianz Party, on the other hand, says it is wrong to coerce money from working people and use it to pay doctors and other favoured health practitioners.

“Let doctors do their work without hindrance from bureaucrats, and let them do it also without the unearned privileges that governments past and present have bestowed upon them.”

Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]
0273 222 907

Libertarianz: More Freedom – Less Government