Libz: Please explain, Mr English

18 November 2010 10:42:00

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath said Bill English should front up to the people of New Zealand and explain why he is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary from the taxpayer when he produces nothing.

“Mr English has just asked Westpac to justify a five and a half million dollar package for George Frazis, the CEO of its New Zealand branch.”

“The appropriate answer is that Mr Frazis’ package is determined by the Westpac board of directors, is probably linked to productivity, and is none of Mr English’s damn business.”

“Mr English, on the other hand, produces nothing in his job as Deputy Chief Parasite. He just takes money – by force – from the private sector, and spends it.”

“The details of his salary, in contrast to that of Mr Frazis, are every New Zealander’s business.”

“Mr English, would you care to explain the $380 million corporate welfare package the National Government gifted its buddies in the BNZ in 1990?”

Dr McGrath said the Libertarianz Party believes Government should take no interest in the remuneration arrangements of private businesses, and should do everything to get out of the way so those businesses can succeed in a market free from political interference.

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