Libz will abolish all race-based bureaucracy

29 August 2005 18:27:00

Maori Affairs

“Don Brash’s call to review the five government Maori agencies is a half-hearted attempt to get rid of racist government—unless the review takes all of five seconds,” announced Libertarianz Leader and Wellington Central Candidate Bernard Darnton today.

“Under any new government that truly wants one law for all, Te Puni Kokiri and Te Mangai Paho would be gone by lunchtime. The Office of Treaty Settlements, the Maori Land Court and the Waitangi Tribunal can have their only legitimate role—to consider claims of state theft of land—transferred to the High Court which would judge claims solely on their legal merits,” Darnton explained.

“Similarly,” says Darnton, unrolling a long list of other departments, quangos and ministries that can go, “the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs should be scrapped as another race-based anomaly.”

“National’s policy of ‘reviewing’ the contemptible is itself contemptible in its lack of courage,” says Darnton. “Don knows these bureaucracies should go, and their abolition would help fund further tax cuts. The message is simple,” concludes Darnton: “If you really do want to abolish race-based bureaucracy, you have to vote Libertarianz.”

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