Candidate 2011

Luke Howison
List Candidate

Luke Howison is a Wellington web developer and lives in Thorndon. He holds the positions of Business Spokesman and Media Coordinator within the Libertarianz party.

I first moved to Wellington in 2001 as a student at Victoria University, and I completed my studies with a Masters in psychology in 2007. My thesis research involved the relationship between political attitudes and aggressive behaviour.

I became the Media Coordinator for the Libertarianz in 2005, as well as taking part in protests, submissions and campaigns, and generally doing my bit to help hold back the flood of power-hungry statists in the world.

I currently work as a web developer at rainbowdigital Ltd, a digital printing firm which also does websites. It’s not related to psychology, but I enjoy coding PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

I use free and open-source software including Ubuntu, and contribute to the open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia.

My hobbies include cooking, baking, homebrewing beer, and building things out of wood.

Helen Clark thinks “the government’s role is whatever the government defines it to be.” This is false; the government needs the “consent of the governed.” Libertarianism for me is about taking power from governments and returning it to individuals and communities.

A vote for Libertarianz is a vote for personal freedom.

It’s time to take the power back.

Luke Howison
Phone: 027 314 3007
Email: [email protected]