Mallard feigns a conscience

28 September 2004 01:41:00


Tim Wikiriwhi, the Libertarianz Party spokesman to deregulate Maori affairs says Trevor Mallard’s sudden conversion to the principle of equality in education is welcome if a little amusing. “It’s always fun watching the politically-correct squirm in front of some of the less attractive aspects of primitive tribal culture, such as the one recently highlighted by Mallard – one of blatant subordination of girls in regards to ‘Maori welcomes’ at schools.

Wikiriwhi says PC naifs with rose-tinted multicultural glasses appear ignorant of how oppressed pre-European Maori woman were, and that it was the blessings of European colonisation and the accompanying liberal philosophy of equality that led to the emancipation of wahine. Had colonisation not occurred, not only would the entire race of Maori still live in primitive savagery but wahine would still be under the male ‘yoke.’ Wikiriwhi said the subordination of girls in schools is a predictable outcome of the government-funded revival of primitive Maori culture and that it is absurd to consider primitive tribalism as equal to European civilization.

Wikiwhi declares, “While culture and religion may be rightfully taught in private schools, it has no place in the public education system or in government policy. And though I am a Maori, if I had the choice that will come with the privatisation of education, the last institution I would pay to school my children would be one that teaches that girls have fewer rights than boys!

Wikiriwhi said that Kiwis must not mistake Mallard’s statements for honest ones. “They are patently politically motivated to move Labour away from taking responsibility for their apartheid politics. Labour is now well into survival mode, and Mallard’s actions have nothing to do with either a change of heart or philosophy. Realising they cannot win back the Maori seats without giving further ground to National in the general seats, Labour have done their numbers and realize the fight to beat National no longer hinges on the Maori seats but on the general ones!”

Wikiriwhi appeals to New Zealanders not to be fooled by such Machiavellian moves but remember Clark’s and Mallard’s racist treachery and get rid of these scoundrels at the next election!

Tim Wikiriwhi
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