Mallard Hypocrisy Highlights Stupidity of Anti-Scalping Laws

16 February 2012 12:33:04


Free Trade

Mallard Hypocrisy Highlights Stupidity of Anti-Scalping Laws

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said today: “If Trevor Mallard is to retain any shred of integrity over his exposure as a ‘ticket-scalper’, he should at least hand over the dirty profits to the ticket issuer, or perhaps pay a contribution to the government based on capital gain, as his party promoted a tax along these lines at the 2011 election.”

In 2006 Mallard stated: “When there is bulk buying of tickets to [major] events simply for the purpose of profiteering, scalping is a rip-off that could deny many people the opportunity to see [the] event.”

“It is difficult to see how Mallard will possibly be able to explain his way out of this latest disaster, unless he truly believes there should be one law for politicians and another law for the rest of us,” McGrath added.

“The Libertarianz Party believes all laws that impede a free, uncoerced market in goods should be scrapped. That includes any that prohibit the reselling of concert tickets. Under a Libertarianz government, ‘Scalper’ Mallard would be able to sell as many concert tickets to unsuspecting teenagers as he liked.”

McGrath finished with a question for the Hutt South Scalper: “Can you get my daughter a ticket to the Lady Gaga concert?”

Mallard’s anti-scalping quote: