Medical Council Simply Political Puppets, Says Doctor

25 July 2006 12:00:00

Health minister Pete Hodgson’s veto of a duly elected Medical Council member demonstrates government corruption of the medical profession, says Libertarianz Health Spokesman Dr Richard McGrath. “Hodgson’s hand-picked stooges on the Medical Council will have to make sure they toe the party line.”

Dr McGrath, a Masterton GP, declared, “The Medical Council is
supposedly an independent body. Now that we can see it is under
political control, it should be dissolved immediately.”

“Libertarianz would eliminate the Council and allow the medical
profession to regulate itself,” said Dr McGrath. “The Medical
Council’s function at present is to subjugate and control doctors by
telling them how to do their job and issuing them with an annual work permit. We have a dire shortage of doctors in this country; why are we tying up existing doctors with red tape?”

“The National Party’s response to Hodgson’s blatant manipulation of Council membership is also suspect,” added McGrath. “The Blue Team are just upset because they can’t appoint their own puppets. Tony Ryall needs to understand that the government has no place subsidising, regulating and controlling doctors.

“It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


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