Michael Murphy





Michael Murphy
North Shore Candidate

Born at Taihape Michael was raised on a farm at Mangaweka.

Joining the R.N.Z. Navy as a Boy Seaman aged fifteen he went on to spend the greater part of his working life at sea. After twenty plus years in the Navy he ran away to sea in the Merchant Navy, serving as Mate and Master.

Swallowing the anchor in the 1990s, Michael is now a part time property manager and actor.

A foundation member of Libertarianz and long time North Shore resident Michael is again offering himself as the Libertarianz candidate, to give North Shore electors a real choice of freedom over the oppression of socialism.

North Shore has been treated with contempt by the mainstream socialist parties, firstly with the forced amalgamation of local government, then latterly their inability to offer local candidates to stand in the electorate.

Michael Murphy

Phone: (09) 486 4499
Email: [email protected]