Candidate 2011

Mike Webber
New Plymouth Candidate

Mike Webber, aged 64, is an ex-farmer. He was a helicopter pilot for 30 years, and is now a machinery operator with a civil construction company. He has lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Myanmar and Australia.

I am passionate for freedom, which started about 30 years ago as I fought against the move to disarm us, so I have done a fair bit of research on firearm laws and their results. I saw first hand in Myanmar (Burma) what happens to an unarmed society.

I first discovered the Libertarianz through this interest, as the Libertarianz Party is the only political party recognising the natural right to firearms to defend your own and others’ lives which is consistent with the right to life.

I have always been a very independent person and when I found the Libz I realized that I had always been a libertarian, I had just not heard of libertarianism before.

I am a keen hunter (including fish) and, like 99% of hunters, a conservationist, not a preservationist greenie loony.

I have been fighting the fascist Department of Conservation for about 15 years with some success.

Mike Webber
Phone: (06) 753 4627
Email: [email protected]