More Big Brother in the School Yard

02 February 2006 12:18:00

“A press release issued by Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ), shows the standard mindset of people and groups, who can’t help but interfere with the minds and lives of New Zealand children.” This was from Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman for Education Deregulation today.

He says, “This one size-fits-all mentality is just an example of the pervasive nature of state education. In effect the system has become a one-size-fits-bugger-all, soul-destroying, megalith. Our children’s lives are being distorted by busybody do-gooders who think that their ideas should take priority over that of parents and pupils.”

“By the very nature of state enforced education, this type of interference is rife within the industry. Individual customising is impossible. Instead we must all endure the rantings of pressure groups, such as PENZ, who run to Nanny State every time an idea dawns on them. Nanny then forces these ideas onto our children. Now our social engineers want our kids to exercise Hitler Youth style.

He says, “The rights and wrongs of physical education perse are not the issue. The rights of each individual parent to choose how their children should be educated are. It is high time the Ministry of Education goose stepped it’s way out of our lives and so the busybodies in our midst will follow.”

Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz cannot emphasise enough the importance of individual freedom and its practical benefits. The immediate closure of the Ministry of Education will put an end, once and for all, to the constant meddling and interference that no-lifers like politicians, bureaucrats and the assorted busybody, pressure groups foist upon New Zealand children. This will leave parents, who understand the strengths and weaknesses of their children, to decide how their children should be educated. Only the private sector can provide an education system that could accommodate all individual needs and choices. The non-confiscation of tax that requires would equip parents with the resources to easily purchase their chosen educational facility. Well-meaning control-freaks would also be free to concentrate on their own interpretation of non-reality onto their own children. At least then however, the damage would be minimal and somewhat more contained than it is at present.”

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