More Vague Promises for New Zealand Racing

17 June 2005 12:08:00


“Labour, The Green Party and Winston First have nothing valid to offer New Zealand racing, and are set to continue the destruction of a once wealthy industry with high taxes, mischievous regulations and vague promises,” says Libertarianz Hamilton East Candidate Robin Thomsen who was in the audience of the Waikato Thoroughbred Breeders Association political meeting last night.

“The racing industry is under siege with punitive taxes that make bloodstock production an expensive ordeal. The Holidays Act introduced last year by Labour deteriorates business even further. Labour’s Minister of Racing, Damien O’Conner, insulted everyone’s intelligence by expressing his expectation that New Zealand Racers would have to work even harder and make even more money to prove to Nanny-state that they deserved more support (i.e., more return of their own money) from the government. The condescending behavior of the Labour Party shows no limits,” remarks Robin.

“Winston’s xenophobic attitudes toward foreign investors and foreigners in general could on its own drastically limit growth in the industry.”

As there was no whipping in evidence, Sue Bradford from the Greens left early, but there were some promising comments from National who pledged to abolish the Ministry of Racing, and from ACT who pledged to remove all gaming taxes. “Both would improve opportunities and profit for the racing industry,” says Mr. Thomsen. “Libertarianz policy goes even further; we would privatise the TAB, deregulate the gambling industry, and free horse and greyhound racing from the greedy clutches of the state. Breeders should no longer have to tolerate the repeated interference of busybody politicians, who know nothing about how to run a business.”

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